About Us

We are leading company in this field, And provide specific our every customers.

Founded by Mike Awad in 2014, AG Group Construction completed its ownership transition to AG Global Group, LLC, in 2015. In 2015 Mike began the assembly of team members who could get the work done on schedule and for a significantly lower price than leading competitors.

AG Group Construction, company will not only meet the competition at bid proposals, the company will complete the job at a significantly lower cost to the client than competitors, using the same high quality materials and highly skilled professionals (see list of associates below).

In addition to managing the entire building process, Mike’s crews have the ability to self-perform structural services, including concrete and foundations, detention ponds, steel erection, carpentry and framing, pre-engineered buildings, and equipment installation.

Our company employs a highly skilled team of experienced construction professionals including preconstruction managers, estimators, project managers, field engineers, site superintendents, and trade workers.

In addition the company also has its consulting department, “Real Estate Acquisitions and Consulting Services,” which provides aide and assistance in finding and selecting the best site prospects for large commercial projects, and with a keen eye on property value, zoning restrictions, projected growth and expansion of urban surroundings, and potential for disasters such as floods. These type of preliminary considerations yield important benefits such as insights that provide investors with the peace of mind knowing that their investments have been made on solid ground, on commercial property that can only increase in value.

Our Approach

Every day, Construction Engineers advocates for our clients’ best interests. We provide leadership during each phase of their project. Our team delivers preconstruction consultation and estimating services during the design phase, as well as effective on-site management services and strict quality control procedures while the job is being built.

We have a thorough understanding of the many complex aspects of the project and the ability to identify potential scope and system improvements, resulting in the most time- and cost-effective building experience possible. By working closely with the client from design stages to completion, the knowledgeable team at Construction Engineers provides experienced management and control throughout the design and construction process, saving time and money.

Our passion for customer excellence is just one reason why we are the market leader. We've always worked very hard to give our customers the best experience in dealing with our company.

Why Work With Us


AG Group Construction provides general contracting services and integrated project delivery methods such as Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) and Design-Build (DB).


'Do Something Constructive' is more than a clever saying for the team at AG Group Construction; it is the founding principle for how our company approaches every day.

Delivery Methods

By being 'Constructive' with the services we provide, our team is able to deliver complex projects on aggressive schedules and within the client's budget expectations.

Client Testimonials

“They really care about their customers and quality of work. They are on top of every detail and very easy and prompt with communication. My experience was very positive and I will continue to utilize AG Group Construction for future projects. I am very satisfied with the process they are committed to.”


“They did an outstanding job of working and coordinating with the subcontractors, vendors, architects, engineers, city inspectors and others. Even under the strain of the quarantine work remained on schedule.”


“We had a terrific experience with AG Group Construction Engineers, as they kept the construction project on the timeline, on budget and built three warehouse facilities for the cost of two, as per the proposal from the next lowest bidder on the project.”


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